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School of Health Technology

WOCLIF, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria      +234-803-671-6825

School of Health Technology

Philosophy of the School

Part One, May 2, 2016

WOCLIF SHT! As a Christian organization we believe that only a person with the genuine love of God in his heart can manifest the same to people around him especially the hurting ones. Therefore, we make it a priority to nurture men and women with the core values of the christian faith in their heart so that they can translate same in their fields of practice.

We train students who will completely identify with each pregnant woman, care for both mother and baby, and promote to the highest level, good quality mothering in the whole community.

The School Goals

Our Goals as a School since, August 23, 2019
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1. To produce qualified and competent Midwives to meet health care needs of the families host community, country and beyond

2. To provide qualitative healthcare services within the reach of rural communities, countries and the world

3. To provide ICT driven Midwifery education that will place the graduates on the same pedestal with their contemporaries around the world.

4. To produce God fearing Midwives that will discharge their duties efficiently.

Brief History of School of Health Information Technology, Uyo Since 2019


In 1897, WOCLIF by Maxwell in 1901. Before 1927, there was no formal training of nurses and midwives in WOCLIF school. On a number of occassions, girls were recruited at random and they first started work as dressers before being taught some aspect of nursing like temperature taking.

By 1927, More systemic training was stareted which offered the student nurses and midwives more formal lectures as well as on the job training

In 1931, midwifery training began and in 1933, the first five candidates took and passed the government grade II midwifery examination.

In 1952 midwife tutors Miss Jean Wright and Miss Bunting were appointed. Training continued as school certificate was introduced, with school badge. Good results were obtained in government examination in grade I and II midwifery.

The School has been recognized for nursing and midwifery practice and education since 1974 by the nursing and midwifery council of Nigeria. In August 1978, a team of inspector headed by Mrs Elizabeth Onuora, then Deputy Chief nursing officer confirmed the quality of service of graduates of the two schools. according to the team, sample tests of specific nursing procedures and tour of the wards showed satisfactory standards.


Practical Students

A session of students during practice and examination, supervised by a lecturer at the school

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